Love bar is located in Soi Tiger, left hand side. The best Soi in Patong in every category. Conveniently located just off Bangla Rd, under the tiger discotheque. Everyone is welcome for a party and a chat with the owner or some of our beautiful girls.

If you want to meet some of the best Thai girls come to the Love Bar. The girl are beautiful and are not just good at playing bar games but love to party all night. They are always dancing on the bar, so come alone to the bar and join in or just enjoy the female scenery.

Soi Tiger is crowded with people ready to party and having a good time. As the night progresses itís like one big party in Soi tiger, So come along and join in.
Either itís drinking in Soi tiger all night or having a few drinks at the end of the night, just before heading for the discotheques which are only a few yeards away, Soi Tiger is always a fun place to be.


The owner loves to ring the bell several times every night in good old Scandinavian tradition.
If you ring the bell it means free shooters for everyone at the bar. We only charge 1,000 baht for ringing the bell and a free t shirt.

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