General Info

Codes of Behaviour

Thai people are very fond and loyal to their king and whole of the royal family and religion should be respected at all times. Buddhist and Chinese shrines are open to foreigners but you should dress appropriately when visiting. Shorts and sleeveless shirts, or open backed sandals are discouraged.

Thais regard feet as lower stature so do not point them at others or step over those seated or lying. Remove your shoes before entering a Thai temple or house. Likewise, head is of high statue and is not supposed to be touched or slapped. Tipping in not expected or required, it is a nice gesture to leave a small amount, when you receive good service, no set percentage 20 to 100 baht is always warmly accepted.

The Law

Respect for the police is a must and rude talk or shouting should be avoided in every case, guilty or not. Thai police officers have greater powers of action then European police and they will not accept disrespectful behavior.

Common Offences such as not wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle will get you a 300 Baht fine and 2 hours wait at the local police station to pay your fine. Parking on the wrong side of the road will get your bike or car chained up and a long wait to pay your fine again.

If you rent a motorcycle and you get involved in an accident you will have to pay all damages, regardless of whether you are right or wrong. Motorcycles are not insured for Third Party damage and the Thai police will take the side of their countrymen. Tourist police are better to sort out any problems but remain cool at all times whilst they are on their way.


Thailand is a tropical region so light, loose cotton clothing is recommended.

When exploring the nightlife tight dresses and mini skirts are no problem. On the other had, naked bathing or topless appearance in public is not accepted. Thailand is one of the friendliest and safest to travel destinations in the world. The tourist police are competent and polite attitude, but always travel safely and show proper caution as with any new country and you will have a good stay.

Credit card fraud is not uncommon in Thailand , so be cautious with your cards. Use hotel safe for excess money , cards or valuables. Use credit cards only at reliable places of business. If you go on a tour or dive, try to do so with a reputable company, ask around for recommendations.